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                  Anhui Aerospace & PMA Anti-radiation Technology Co., Ltd与海洋网

                  日期 : 2019-04-04 17:40:09
                  The PMA Group was founded in 2004, dedicates itself to the electromagnetic radiation protection industry, high-tech new materials and environmental health industry.
                  In 2006, the PMA Group adjusted its industrial structure and made great effort to enter the electromagnetic radiation protection industry. The group comprehensively integrates the principle of absorbing and shielding comprehensively, uses the project technology  of National Torch Program and military stealth technology to develop a new generation of ferrite plastic radiation absorbing materials, PMA EMC electromagnetic radiation protection cards and national invention patent products. Radiation protection coatings.

                  海洋网络从2019年开始与Anhui Aerospace & PMA Anti-radiation Technology Co., Ltd签约网站建设,帮助Anhui Aerospace & PMA Anti-radiation Technology Co., Ltd网站设计及开发网站多次网站平台,此项目为Anhui Aerospace & PMA Anti-radiation Technology Co., Ltd新版官方网站。
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